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New Application - Jetstar

Category: RECRUITMENT one month ago

Hello Everyone!

My call sign is “jetstar”

I am an old dude, age is 73 - I like to think of it as experience (50 years as a professional pilot)

My internet connection is good 400mps via cable.

I live in the Central time zone of the US (-6)

I retired last year as a simulator instructor with Southwest Airlines so have plenty of time during the week and weekends. Not much availability in the evenings.

I am pretty new to the DCS world, my total time in DCS about 120 hours, most of it in helicopters. I just started flying the Ka-50 and fell in love with it! Awesome machine! I actually have around 1500 hours in the actual UH-1H  flying with the US Army. I flew commercial helicopters for 20 years, many different machines, then I went to the dark side and flew the 737 for 26 years.

i have no experience with the Mission Editor but am willing to learn.

I have 2 favorite choppers in DCS, the UH-1 and the Ka-50. I think I would like to mostly fly the Ka-50 so I can learn it. It is a steep learning curve and I just love flying it. I will also be available to fly the UH-1.

I expect to really enjoy flying with the BSD guys. I am passionate (very passionate!) about flying. I especially miss flying helicopters, they were my first love in aviation! I find flying in DCS world gives me feeling of flying that I miss so much. I am also a very experienced flight instructor in the real world and after I get my DCS skills up to a high enough level I would really like to give back by doing some instruction for the BSD guys. 

looking forward to flying with you guys.



  • Re: New Application - Jetstar

    by » one month ago

    OK, wow what a great introduction. 50 years as a pilot, nice.

    Welcome to the group sir, first thing to do is get you on our discord chat and get you a intro flight. We try to go by the army SOP but not as hard core. This is a sim and while we try to stay as you would in real life we also know this is just fun.
    KA-50 is my first love too. I flew jets for a long time and when I got the KA I couldn't do anything with it. On the forums this BaD_CRC guy kept posting about the ka and he had a group call the black shark den, so I joined up :)

    Since you flew the UH-1H you can probably fly it blindfolded with both hands behind your back! The KA is a steep curve but once you get the hang of it the systems are not that bad, and its a killer when used right.
    So lets get you set up sir. Discord is where most of our pre flight chat, voice chat and banter happens, so get on that and what day is good for you for an intro flight?

  • Re: New Application - Jetstar

    by » one month ago

    Thanks for the kind words Sir, I will be getting going on Discord within the next couple of days. I will be available for a checkout flight after I get on discord, looking forward to it.

    Thank you Blackwolf

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