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Intro Flight GR Krav on Mi-8 for EU-UH

Mission Date 10-22-2021 4:00 am
Capacity 2
Registered 0
Available slots 2
Created By Daniel Schoenyan
Expected Flight Hours 2
Time Zone Romeo
Location Caucasus

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Mission changes include loss of the IMC effects, switch to Winter (smaller trees, which aren't a part of what we're practicing), label issue corrected, randomized enemies all across the objective area, and no Tunguska in the town/objective.

This training evolution will see us pivot to running team based attacks in pairs using racetrack/chainsaw patterns without a controller. 

Targets will include 5 each of:


AAA Truck





Mission Date 10-23-2021 1:00 pm
Capacity 24
Registered 1
Available slots 23
Created By Augustus Fargo
Expected Flight Hours 2
Time Zone Romeo
Location Caucasus

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US Flight Night #18

US Flight Night #18 - (RL2-RL1)

Date: Tuesday, October 26th 2021

Time: 2100 EDT (0100z)


RHINO - Mi-8


US Flight Night is a dedicated period of time between 2100 EDT and 0000 EDT where BSD Pilots may come and join in on some impromptu missions. These sessions are not milsim level with heavy planning and strict procedure following and are instead intended to be a fun casual night of flying with others, loosely following the BSD SOPs. This is also a great time to test new concepts and ideas without risking the success of a well organized mission. BSD RL2s are welcome to fly other airframes they are RL3 in, however please make me aware that you are not RL2 certified in said airframe.

Currently, flight night is taking place in the Cyprus Hunting Grounds on Syria on Server 1. Short missions will be created during the event based on what airframes are currently flying.

The start and end time does not define when you have to show up and leave. It is simply a window where I will be around to keep things going. You may come and go as you please during this window and choose to either join in on the current objective if able, or wait until the next one starts.


Mission Date 10-26-2021 9:00 pm
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 1
Created By Jordan Grenkow
Expected Flight Hours 1-3
Time Zone Romeo
Location Syria

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UH weekly Mission

UH Meeting
Mission name

Day: October "27th, Wednesday 2021
Meeting in Discord: 1730z/1930CET/1330EDT
FL briefing their Flights: 1735z - 1750z

Mission Duration:
skids up: 1800z
debrief start: 2100z-2130z (or earlier)

Mission Details:
Mission description
@UH-1H and @Mi-8 Pilots.

The mission difficulty level is high!

Aircraft availability:
UH-1H x10
Mi-8x 10

Briefing file:

Combat Flite file:
not provided

Mission Date 10-27-2021 1:30 pm
Capacity 15
Registered 2
Available slots 13
Created By Daniel Schoenyan
Expected Flight Hours 3
Time Zone Romeo
Location Caucasus

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BSD Dragon Operation Lost Hope

Day: October 28th, Thursday 2021
Briefing start: 1730z
Skids up: 1800z
Debrief start: 2000z or sooner

Mission details:
BSD Dragon Company was scrambled to respond to a loss of contact with a resupply convoy on its way to Camp Hope; a UN Camp in the middle of the Caucasus mountains. Intel is vague and the pressure high.

Available aircraft:
Mi-24p x 6 (6 pilots, 6 operators)

Briefing file:

Combat Flite file:
Available to flight lead.

Mission Date 10-28-2021 1:00 pm
Capacity 13
Registered 2
Available slots 11
Created By Klaas-Paulus Van Slooten
Expected Flight Hours 2
Time Zone Romeo
Location Caucasus

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