BSD GEN small


Click on the task to access the full description and guidance. Not all the tasks apply to your platoon. Check out "My Training Tasks" in your logbook to see what applies for your chopper.

0000: Connect on a BSD server and SRS 1000: Participate in a crew mission briefing
 1004: Plan a visual flight rules flight  1010: Prepare a performance planning card
1013: Operate mission planning system  1016: Perform internal load operations 
1026: Maintain airspace surveillance  1028: Perform hover check 
1030: Perform hover out-of-ground effect check  1032: Perform radio communications procedure 
 1034: Perform ground taxi  1038: Perform hovering flight
 1040: Perform VMC takeoff 1044: Navigate by pilotage and dead reckoning 
1046: Perform electronically aided navigation 1048: Perform fuel management procedure 
1052: Perform VMC flight maneuvers 1058: Perform VMC approach
1060: Select Landing/Pickup zone/Holding Area 1062: Perform slope operations
1064: Perform roll-on landing 1066: Perform running landing
1068: Perform a go-around 1070: Respond to emergencies
1075: Perform Single-engine Landing 1079: Respond to engine failure
1082: Perform autorotation 1114: Perform rolling takeoff
1116: Perform tactical situation display operations 1134: Perform integrated helmet and display sight
system operations
1142: Perform Digital communications 1155: Negociate wire obstacles
1172: Perform radio navigation 1178: Perform precision approach
1182: Perform unusual attitude recovery 1184: Respond to IIMC
1262: Participate in a crew-level AAR 1300: Perform mast/top-mounted sight operations
1415: Perform diving flight 1425: Employ aviator's NVG
2000: Perform FM radio homing 2012: Perform tactical flight mission planning
2013: Operate aircraft survivability equipment 2015: Perform target store procedures
2017: Perform target acquisition designation sight
sensor operations
2019: Perform fire control radar operations
2023: Transmit tactical report (digital/voice) 2025: Perform terrain flight (NAV/TO/LD/APP/DECEL)
2027: Perform masking and unmasking 2029: Perform firing position operations
2031: Perform weapon initialization procedures 2033: Perform firing techniques
2035: Engage target with guided weapons system 2039: Engage target with rockets
2041: Engage target with area weapon system (gun) 2042: Perform actions on contact
2043: Call for indirect fire/perform target handover 2045: Operate infrared laser pointing devices
2048: Perform sling load operations 2068: Perform shipboard operations
 2093: Perform simulated max GW app and landing 2095: Perform simulated max GW takeoff 
 2112: Operate armament system (side gunners) 2125: Perform pinnacle/ridgeline operations 
2126: Perform evasive manoeuvers  2127: Perform Combat maneuvering flight
 2164: Call for tactical air strike 2169: Perform aerial observation 
 3010: Perform multi aircraft operations  3043: Perform team tactical employment techniques
 9999: Use the BSD scripts CTLD and CSAR