Callsign: TXSailor Age: 23 ISP: Cable, ~80mbps Central Time Zone My weekly availability is completely unpredictable, as my schedule doesn't get published until about 1730 the day before. In DCS I've probably got at least 100 hours of flight time in mixed platforms. I know absolutely nothing about the mission editor. Heck, I can't even place a plane on the tarmac without messing it up. For preferred helo, I enjoy the Mi-8 and UH-1 about equally. My expectations: I'd like an excuse to do some more helo flying, and ideally something that actually makes use of the transport platforms in unique ways, rather than just blasting a bunch of rockets around. So, now that I've got those out of the way, I'll give you a brief intro: I'm a fixed wing guy by trade (Currently a Navy strike student in real life) but I have a secret love affair with helicopters, primarily the troop transport role. I'm really looking for a group to get together, and a server I can pop in on that focuses on the helo side of things, as, just as you've mentioned, it's nothing like the fast-movers. I've got about 100 hours mixed in DCS, flying a little bit of everything, and even more time IRL in just about anything that gets off the ground.
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