first, i'm addicted to DCS ;) ... i started late with DCS. My first real contact was with 2.5. My first module was FC3, but i realised quickly, that i want more. So i bought my first high fidelity Plane, the F18 ... and then there was no stopping. I have most of the maps (only Normandy, Channel and Nevada missing) and many modules, A10C2, AV8B, F14, F16, F18, M2000, Viggen AND Ka50, Mil Mi24. (Apache will be next)

Call sign: Speedtrip (has nothing to do with drugs, i drive motorcycles especially Triumph Speedtriple ;) )

Age: 47 y

Type of internet connection and speed: 100 MBit down / 20 MBit up

Timezone: GMT/UTC+1 \ CEST UTC+2

Availability: Monday to Saturday, i am alone with two kids, so mostly i'm available from 8pm to open end.

Approximate flight hours in DCS: can not count this anymore

DCS Mission Editor: 99% also with Moose and a little bit MIST

Preferred chopper: Ka50 and Mil Mi24

Expectations: Flying good mission together with a good group of players is the biggest. That's what I'm hoping for here. And improve my flying skill (and my english 😉).

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