Hi- Quick intro to me.

I'm a VR evangelist- and rediscovered my love of flight sims with VR a couple of years ago. I also am very keen to build the best motion simulator I can- and more hours get spend researching and tinkering with my rig design than flying (or racing). With a high quality PC (I have a 3090), beautiful and expensive peripherals, a motion platform, and a good VR headset (I use an Index)- DCS enables experiences I find unbelievable (seriously- verging on magic) every time. It is a good time to be alive! This set-up also makes flying helicopters too attractive to resist- so here I am- fresh from installing my new Virpil collective to my sim.

Callsign - "Horlicks"- 
Age - 35
Type of internet connection and speed - Gigabit (allegedly)
My timezone - zulu  (UK timezone)
My availability during the week and or weekends. Small Children and demanding employer does limit availability, but do often tinker or play weekday evenings
My approximate number of flight hours already spent on DCS - Quite a few- but mostly fixed wing free flight
My knowledge level with the integrated DCS Mission Editor - Noob
My preferred chopper - Currently learning with the Huey- am getting rather excited with the prospect of the Apache...
My expectations w.r.t BSD.- I want to learn to fly rotary wing a bit more seriously. Help me develop an awareness of my (virtual) surroundings to increase immersion. I want to collaborate a bit with my flying- add the layer of other humans in the sim. I want to develop my understanding of flight operations. I want to share thoughts on kit- and set-up - and using tools like PointCTRL or Voice Attack.

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