OP Schitts Creek

OP Schitts Creek

OP Schitt's Creek - (RL2-RL1)

Date: Friday, September 24th

Time: 2100 EDT (0100z)

DARKHORSE - SA342L (replicating the OH-6)
CONDOR - Mi-8 (replicating the CH-34)
GATOR - Mi-24P (replicating the AH-1)


Vietnam War - March 16th, 1968 (fictional)

Saturday afternoon, deep in the Vietnam mountains, a ground patrol from the 4th Infantry division callsign "Skeedog" noticed something different about a particular river valley. Suspecting there may be a road being constructed here for VC supply convoys, they received permission from HQ to investigate. 25 minutes later, HQ receives a distress call from the unit. They fell into an ambush. Receiving fire from all sides, they have no choice but to lay low and keep the VC from climbing the valley to get a more clear shot. Skeedog has taken some casualties which need immediate CASEVAC.

HQ has determined this to be a critical engagement and is scrambling troops and aircraft to support Skeedog in the fight. CAS aircraft are requested to suppress and eliminate the immediate VC threat. UH aircraft are requested to transport additional troops and equipment to the valley. OH aircraft are requested to provide situational awareness of the engagement and locate an LZ for UH to safely land at.


Event Properties

Mission Date 09-24-2021 9:00 pm
Capacity 13
Registered 6
Available slots 7
Created By Jordan Grenkow
Expected Flight Hours 3
Time Zone Romeo
Location Syria

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