TACEX placeholder for Valk.   

Overnight, on the persistent campaign, the enemy had shipping penetrate the blockade and successfully deliver an SA-15 Tor and a three piece AAA Gepard battery to the Qaranjah port area located:

36S YE 54347 71371
35 51.215'N 35 48.992'E
35 51' 12.9"N 35 48' 59.5"E

We believe these are already operational, and they need to be destroyed before they can move to other locations.

Valk will lead the KA-50 flight, and direct other assets as needed and shall:

1 - Prepare and distribute planning products showing the target area.

2 - The ingress plan.

3 - The attack plan (including setup locations, type of ordnance recommended, etc)

4 - egress plan.

5 - How other assets will be integrated and used if available (UH/OH).  

Campaign standards for comms, traffic control, and all other incidentals shall be as described in the Campaign Jackboot briefing.


Event Properties

Mission Date 05-08-2021 2:00 pm
Capacity 12
Registered 8
Available slots 4
Created By Augustus Fargo
Expected Flight Hours 2
Time Zone Romeo
Location Syria

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