UH weekly Mission / Panarea Conflict UH specific task

Panarea Conflict  UH specific task

Day: October 13th, Wednesday 2021
Meeting in Discord: 1730z/1930CET/1330EDT
FL briefing their Flights: 1735z - 1750z

Mission Duration:
skids up: 1800z
debrief start: 2000z-2030z (or earlier)

Mission Details:
This Panarea Conflict Mission will be our (UH) Mission of the week.
The Situation on the Plateau became a bit difficult for the Turgistanian Forces. They are still stuck in the Town of Khashuri and can not Progress. OH figured a new FOB for Missions at the Plateau and AH destroyed part of the enemies resupply assets as well as enemy armor east of Khashuri. Thus the enemies have turned to sitting ducks. 

UH has the special task to clear the Villages east of Khashuri, from enemy infantry and evacuate civilians where necessary. This will be quick in and out Troop insertions and extractions missions. Thats why we need many UH-1H and Mi-8 Pilots.

Mission difficulty level is high!

Aircraft availability:

UH-1H x10
Mi-8x 10

Briefing file:

Combat Flite file:

Event Properties

Mission Date 10-13-2021 1:30 pm
Capacity 20
Registered 6
Available slots 14
Created By Daniel Schoenyan
Expected Flight Hours 2.5+
Time Zone Romeo
Location Caucasus

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