UH weekly Mission - FARP based Vietnam styled Mission - Project DELTA

UH weekly Mission - FARP based Vietnam styled Mission - Project DELTA

UH Meeting - Vietnam styled Helicopter Missions
Project Delta Helicopter Missions

Day: October 20th, Wednesday 2021
Meeting in Discord: 1730z/1930CET/1330EDT
FL briefing their Flights: 1735z - 1750z
Mission Duration:
skids up: 1800z
debrief start: 2100z-2130z (or earlier)

Mission Details:
DELTA's mission included operational and strategic reconnaissance into long-held Viet Cong areas and the direction of airstrikes on them. They were also to conduct a bomb damage assessment, conduct small scale reconnaissance and hunter-killer operations, capture and interrogate VC / NVA, tap communications, bug compounds, and offices, rescue downed aircrew and prisoners of war, emplace point minefields and other booby traps, conduct psychological operations, and perform counterintelligence operations. They were to focus on base areas and infiltration routes in the border areas. The Helicopter Units assigned to Project Delta were as professional as the Ground Forces and suffered a similar loss rate of about 55%, The young Pilots proved themselves as professional Aviators along all those Missions.
The mission difficulty level is high!

Aircraft availability:
UH-1H x12
Mi-8x 8

Briefing file:

Combat Flite file:
not provided

Event Properties

Mission Date 10-20-2021 1:30 pm
Capacity 15
Registered 5
Available slots 10
Created By Daniel Schoenyan
Expected Flight Hours 2,5
Time Zone Romeo
Location Caucasus

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