Panarea Conflict - Minimission - Alvonia Prelude - PART 2

Panarea Conflict - Minimission - Alvonia Prelude - PART 2

Panarea Conflict - Minimission - Alvonia Prelude - PART 2
Day: Friday, September 10th 2021
Meeting in Discord: 1800z/2000CET/1400EDT
Mission Duration:
skids up: 1820z
debrief start: between 2120z-2045z
Remark: (important)
RL2+ Mission on RL1 difficulty Level, thus it is recommended to contact your IP and get your Task 1425 Employ aviator's night vision imaging system yet ticked off, also to make sure that your device works as it is supposed to be...especially in VR.
Mission Details:

this is a Night time Mission
The Alvonian Forces as well as the Pilots of the Black Shark Den managed to entangle the Turgistanian Forces in a close Combat in the Valley between Kashuri and Kutaisi. The Main Mission goal is yet to evacuate Civilians of the Valley and Khashuri.

Dragon clearance
Pilotslots are available for Dragon RL2 Pilots.
Gunnerslots are available for Dragon RL2 Pilots (no Trainee clearance)

Aircraft availability:
Huey x10; Mi-8 x8; Mi-24 x8; SA342M x8; KA-50 X5;

Trainee clearance:
@RL3 Trainees can join in Huey LHS or Door Gunners (if the P* agrees with it), Observer slots will be provided

CA Operators are required again, please register here:

Briefing file:

ombat Flite File (uploaded 08-08-2021:

Event Properties

Mission Date 09-10-2021 2:00 pm
Capacity 25
Registered 18
Available slots 7
Created By Daniel Schoenyan
Expected Flight Hours 3
Time Zone Romeo
Location Caucasus

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