Panarea Conflict - Kaedwen - Mission #1

Panarea Conflict - Kaedwen - Mission #1

PANAREA CONFLICT Mission 1 - Danger from the East
Day: June 12th 2021, Saturday
Meeting in Discord: 1830z/2030CET/1430EDT
FL briefing their Flights: 1835z - 1850z
Mission Duration:
skids up: 1900z
debrief start: 2130z-2145z (or earlier)
If the Mission can not be finished by the Time provided, so a second part will follow.
Mission Details:
The Panarea Continent has experienced many Conflicts in the last decades due to different Cultures and Geographically and political differences. The People of Panarea experienced peace over almost the last 10 years, but now some things happened again in the Rogue state of Turgistan which will most likely escalate into a new War. An Outpost close to the Border between Kaedwen and Turgistan suddenly stopped reporting. A Recon Mission is about to happen within 24 hours after the loss of Contact. Once the Situation is clear a potentially larger Force will be needed to counteract an initial Attack from the East. Nobody really knows what's going on and the expectations are high that Panarea will stumble into a new grown war.

Trainee clearance:
@RL3 Trainees can join in Huey LHS or Door Gunners, Observer slots will be provided CA Operators are required again, please register

CA Operators are required again, please register here:

Panarea Conflict Campaign Progress and Background Information

Briefing file:

Event Properties

Mission Date 06-27-2021 1:30 pm
Capacity 25
Registered 18
Available slots 7
Created By Daniel Schoenyan
Expected Flight Hours 2,5
Time Zone Romeo
Location Syria

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