Operation Rabbit Stew - Take 2

Operation Rabbit Stew - Take 2
"All pilots please read the below brief and attached slides, AMC intends to deliver a Hasty Brief and he will be asking questions as he doesn't want to be briefing for more than 30 minutes."

Objective is to kill or capture the “RABBIT” AAMIR BARKAWI . Please refer to montage board S2 005 for a PERSREP on the Jack of Spades AAMIR BARKAWI. NATO wish to launch a second mission and have approached the Security Council for assistance. The Joint Task Force have placed TF DAGGER on R2 readiness with a planned mission for 14 Mar 2020.  Godfather "We are going in with our partners to remove this "dirt bag" his weapons and IEDs have been responsible for the deaths of many of our forces and our partners and civilians; we are going to remove him off the face of this earth!"

Enemy Intent
HUMINT reports AN-124 Cargo planes nose to tail have been ferrying material in daily. His comms tower  has been sending out “a call to arms to defeat the infidels” to mercenaries around the world to support him. Supported with promises of hefty pay checks and bonuses for captured NATO forces! S2 still believe he wants to remove our foothold in the area to gain freedom of movement. S2 believe he plans to use JIROFT as a Logistic Node, to pump insurgents into neighbouring countries our partners! Deep operative HUMINT sources have reported that an attack on FOB KILO from DOWLATABAT is imminent. AB is just waiting for delivery of more MI-24s. HUMINT sources at JIROFT Airfield have so far reported three operational MI-24 and an MI-8. They have further reported High Pressure Pure Air tankers connected up to the MI-24s. Therefore, S3 Air who as you know has a Georgian Major on the team; over lots of vodka he let slip this could be to cool the seeker head of a new A2A missile system code name “GANDALF”.

Situation Friendly Forces
TF Dagger have established FARP KILO with a sizeable force of Flight SHADOW, REAPER and RHINO. We now have TAR refuellers and COBRA a UK Counter Battery Fire RADAR. We also have 75th Rangers C/S FOXHOUND 1 providing Force Protection and we also have TF PHANTOM working with UKSF TF 142 who have deployed a specialist mortar team. Therefore we must cut off his life line, the comms tower at OBJ CIGAR must go! The mortars C/S SHELLDRAKE 5 are 81mm L16A2 with a limited range of 4km and ammunition, so they must be sited for maximum effect! On the mission we will have SUNRAY as AMC, HAMMER 2 as FAC and UGLY 7 as MFC!

Probable Tasks
SUNRAY will establish C2 for all deployable assets in his AOR. SHADOW flight are to establish OPs on the objective identifying priority targets on OBJ RABBIT and OBJ cigar. SHADOW will also provide FP to the AMC and REAPER flight. SHADOW will also mark LZ for SHELLDRAKE 5.
REAPER flight are to destroy Priority targets at RABBIT and CIGAR. RHINO will insert mortar team and they will fire for effect on both objectives. UGLY 7 located with the AMC will adjust and bracket fires. Secondary task SHADOW will also find, fix mark and record the disposition and location of the enemy convoy “SAUSAGE”
On this call REAPER will vector on to SHADOW pos and destroy all of the enemy convoy. Arty to be destroyed first!
Once OBJ RABBIT is ICE, RHINO flight will fast rope 75th Ranger team for FP and a kill team from TF Dagger to find, fix and neutralize AB. RHINO will also stand off and provide CSAR and any POW/equipment transport back to KILO. From GODFATHER “We need to get all our boys home!”
AMC “SUNRAY”- Will coordinate throughout the mission.
JTAC “UGLY 7” will coordinate target packages

Own Main Effort
SUNRAY will occupy SHADOW 1 and will provide AMC duties they will be first on station with SHADOW a MISTRAL as FP setting up the mobile OP.
Remaining SHADOW flight establish OP standoff east of Objective CIGAR - Targets - ZU23 emplacement, Bunkers, and Trucks (Not the Tower)
REAPER flight will establish BRACKET with a triangular OP establishing a perimeter on OBJ RABBIT.
RHINO Flight with C/S SHELLDRAKE 5 will reach holding area west of RABBIT. Wait for the AMC to call for deployment. Code word “HAMMER TIME”
Once all C/S are in position AMC will confirm “ALUCARD,ALUCARD, ALUCARD”
On confirmation with the AMC, the GOD Father will give execute order with “DRACULA, DRACULA, DRACULA” "FIRST ACTION ON EXECUTE ORDER"
REAPER- DISABLE the comms tower "CIGAR", with 2 VIKRS
SHADOW will deploy all HOTS on targets on OBJECTIVE CIGAR, once Winchester, RTB HOME PLATE FARP KILO for rearm.
SHADOW support to secondary objective "SAUSAGE", with Shadow mistral (if HAMMER 2 calls out "FLY ON SAUSAGE") otherwise he will stay on station with AMC.
REAPER expend all ordnance on objective RABBIT, targets to be taken out threat wise we need to be GRANDSLAM. There may be some MOSQUITOs remaining but RHINO can clear them up!
RHINO Will fly mortar teams within 4km, of OBJ RABBIT, right after the comms tower is disabled

GOD FATHER - “I want all of the structures on both RABBIT and CIGAR, anything with four walls and roof to be destroyed, AB could be hiding in any of them.”

Once REAPER has rounds complete RHINO will drop SHELLDRAKE 5 who will suppress both objectives.
UGLY 7 will adjust on and make any corrections! Further tasking for SHADOW are to find, fix observe and report on enemy convoy.
RHINO will head back to KILO To load Rangers and SF teams.
Once OBJ RABBIT is ICE, AMC will call RHINO flight to deploy troops on the ENI posn. Once on OBJECTIVE RABBIT for the executive kill order.
We have a Presidential kill order TF PHANTOM are to to find, fix and neutralise AB, on confirmation of ICE which will be given by SHADOW. 75th RANGERS are to fast rope onto the outer compound clearing the barbed and photograph and collect evidence. TF PHANTOM and TF 142 will fast rope into the inner compound to find AB.
There will be a requirement to neutralise all Enemy Armour that could be travelling to DOWLATABAD. UGLY 7 will advise and coordinate through SUNRAY.
REAPER flight will provide over watch and destroy any threats IDENT from UGLY 7.
TF PHANTOM are to execute kill order, recover body and dump out at sea we can’t have a grave for all of BDs network of terrorists to mourn over!

Pre-Mission briefing (organise amongst flight leads then approach AMC)

Orders Group

Combat, Service Support
Leads to work with AMC to request munitions and equipment load out. Plans are to be presented at pre/mission briefing.

Flight Leaders to confirm your pilots availability and tasks once mission date has been approved

Event Properties

Mission Date 03-14-2020 2:00 pm
Mission End Date 03-14-2020 4:00 pm
Capacity 17
Registered 15
Available slots 2
Created By
Expected Flight Hours 2 hours
Time Zone Romeo
Location Persian Gulf

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