OP Fringefire (Drop-In Event) RL2+

OP Fringefire (Drop-In Event) RL2+

Operation Fringefire (drop-in RL2+ event)

Date: Wednesday, July 14th

Start Time: 15:00 EDT (1900z)

Last Sortie: 18:00 EDT (2200z)


This is a Drop-In event. This means that you can join or leave at any time. Consider it to be like joining the Persistent Campaign on a normal day where you find a wingman or two, you jump in, and you see what taskings are available. Only difference is, taskings will be assigned by the commander BLACKJACK based on airframes available in that flight. A live intel picture will be available, outlining friendly and known enemy positions to make on-the-spot planning easier. The enemy will be enhanced PvE meaning that the enemy will be under control of the Game Master and will move more biologically and unpredictably. Game Master commandeered vehicles will be shoot-to-miss initially, however if a pilot does not react to incoming fire appropriately, they may eventually find themselves getting shot down. This is not a PvP situation otherwise.


JULY 14TH, 2021, 0600h LOCAL

Over the past several weeks, coalition forces have been slowly and carefully preparing to assault the ISIS controlled airfield of HATAY. A steady amount of pressure on EF armor and influencers has weakened their frontline defenders and forced a displacement of armor. The Eastern ISIS armor screen has withdrawn and is no longer a risk to this operation.

ISIS still holds a powerful armor screen South of HATAY airfield. It will require a combined arms attack to break through. It is anticipated ISIS may be able to bring in additional armor from the stronghold to the North. A rapid forward push and securing of forward screens will help ensure HATAY airfield is captured and out of the hands of ISIS.


How do I join this?
Join aty any time within the posted timeframe. Follow the procedure outlined in the briefing if you cannot make it to the briefing.

Is there any way to plan for this?
Simple answer, no. Taskings are generated real-time and you will need to plan your flight on the spot. Intel will be provided to you to assist in planning.

Can I help as Game Master?
ATC help would be much appreciated. Game Master/Combined Arms controllers are on a case-by-case basis. Please DM me in our discord if you'd like to help with either ATC or CA..


Event Properties

Mission Date 07-14-2021 3:00 pm
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 6
Created By Jordan Grenkow
Expected Flight Hours 1-3
Time Zone Romeo
Location Syria

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