Flight and Fight #3 - part 2

Flight and Fight #3 - part 2

Flight and Fight Mission #3 - part 2
Day: April 17th 2021, Saturday
Meeting in Discord: 1730z/1930CET/1330EDT
FL briefing their Flights: 1735z - 1750z
Mission Duration:
skids up: 1800z
debrief start: 2030z-2045z (or earlier)
If the Mission can not be finished by the the Time provided, so a third part will follow.

Mission Details:
BSD is going to fly the second part of Flight and Fight #3 on the Syrian Map. The first Mission was aquiote a success but had to be stopped due to time constrains.
Thus we continue the Mission now on the date provided above.

NATO Forces have succeeded on setting up a Bridge head about 12nm south west of Haifa, which marks the Main Objective, but the Airspace is heavily protected by Anti Air Threats. Thus Shadow will be sent in into a Reckon Mission a week prior (April 10th) to gather as much as possible about type, strength and Position of the enemy Threats. These Information will then be added to the Briefing once available.

Trainee clearance:
@RL3 Trainees can join in Huey LHS or Door Gunners

CA Operators register here:

Briefing file:

Event Properties

Mission Date 04-17-2021 2:00 pm
Mission End Date 04-17-2021 4:30 pm
Capacity 25
Registered 16
Available slots 9
Created By Daniel Schoenyan
Expected Flight Hours 2.5
Time Zone Romeo
Location Syria

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