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OP Dismissal - (Multi-Squad RL1)

OP Dismissal - (Multi-Squad RL1)

OP Dismissal - (Multi-Squad RL1)

Date: Saturday, December 19th 2020

Start Time: 15:00 EST (20:00z)

Guests: 23rd Expeditionary Wing

RL1 Endorsements: NVG (all)


This night mission is a part of the Operation Jackboot persistent campaign. We will be working with the 23rd Expeditionary Wing squadron who will be working closely with SHADOW and provide CAS and CAP for us for this mission. All pilots must be RL1 qualified with the above endorsements. NO EXCEPTIONS.

In an attempt to cut off the remaining ISIS fighters in the North Beqaa Valley and to secure a major portion of the skies, NATO will launch a well coordinated assault on the Academy with the intent of capturing and holding it indefinitely.

Ensure the air threat is neutralized. Perform an Air Assault on all SAM facilities. Eliminate all enemy armor in the AO and ensure friendly armor can secure the facilities.

Destroy SA-2 radars. Assist RHINO with air assaults.

BDA SA-10 and both SA-3 after artillery strike. Locate mark and coordinate A-10 attacks on enemy armor at AMC discretion.

Neutralize nearby enemy airfield aircraft and runway with rocket runs. Perform Air Assault on both SA-3 sites. Provide MEDEVAC and CSAR.

Perform Air Assault on SA-10 and SA-2 sites. Provide MEDEVAC and CSAR.


OP Dismissal Crew Briefing

Event Properties

Event Date 12-19-2020 3:00 pm
Capacity 14
Registered 8
Available place 6
Created By Jordan Grenkow
Creator Statua
Expected Flight Hours 3
Time Zone Romeo
Alpha Group 1
Alpha Callsign REAPER
Alpha Aircraft type KA50
Alpha Size 4
Bravo Group 1
Bravo Callsign SHADOW
Bravo Aircraft type SA342
Bravo Size 4
Charlie Group 1
Charlie Callsign RHINO
Charlie Aircraft type Mi8
Charlie Size 2
Delta Group 1
Delta Callsign OUTLAW
Delta Aircraft type UH1
Delta Size 4
Echo Callsign 23rd Expeditionary Wing - CAS
Echo Aircraft type CASFW
Echo Size 4
Foxtrot Callsign 23rd Expeditionary Wing - CAP
Foxtrot Aircraft type AIRSUP
Foxtrot Size 4
Location Syria
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