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[SIG A101] multisquad - Evil's Root

We're invited to a mission hosted by SIG (Sim Italia Games).

They are looking for as many as can attend and will alter the mission to suit.

The show up time may vary a little - confirming. Making this RL2 just to make sure we get the mission populated.

Example - this is not the mission but it shows how they operate:

Event Properties

Event Date 01-26-2021 2:00 pm
Mission End Date 01-26-2021 2:00 pm
Capacity 20
Registered 13
Available place 7
Created By Augustus Fargo
Creator Fargo
Expected Flight Hours 2
Time Zone Romeo
Alpha Callsign Outlaw
Alpha Aircraft type UH1
Alpha Size 5
Bravo Callsign Reaper
Bravo Aircraft type KA50
Bravo Size 5
Charlie Callsign Shadow
Charlie Aircraft type SA342
Charlie Size 5
Delta Callsign Rhino
Delta Aircraft type Mi8
Delta Size 5
Echo Aircraft type INOP
Foxtrot Aircraft type INOP
Location Persian Gulf
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