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EU-UH "Outlaw" and "Rhino" meeting

EU-UH "Outlaw" and "Rhino" meeting

EU-UH Flight Procedure Training

Day: Thursday, Novem. 12th
Time: 2000CET/1900z/1400EST

This Training aims on specific Flight Procedures and includes RL2 Pilots only (RL3 Trainees continue reading below).
In this particular training, we train the transition from forwarding Flying in Formation through ETL to an IGE and OGE Hover. This procedure is necessary for UH Pilots to be able to fly if a Formation is required to maintain a hold in front of a masking structure like Buildings or a Treeline or the outer edge of a forest. Once hold was maintained for a certain amount of time in Formation, a Vertical lift right above the highest Structure will be made to continue the route.

We´ll change the Positions so that everyone has the chance to experience this exercise from either the FL or the last Chalks Position. This Procedure will be flown in Huey/Mi-8 formation only as well as in mixed Formations to make sure that UH Pilots have seen this Procedure in all thinkable constellations.

RL3 Pilots will not be able to participate in this particular Training. They will learn the basics of this procedure with another IP. 

Event Properties

Event Date 11-12-2020 2:00 pm
Mission End Date 11-12-2020 2:00 pm
Capacity 15
Registered 5
Available place 10
Created By Daniel Schoenyan
Creator Memphis291
Expected Flight Hours 3
Time Zone Romeo
Alpha Group 1
Alpha Callsign outlaw
Alpha Aircraft type UH1
Alpha Size 7
Bravo Group 1
Bravo Callsign Rhino
Bravo Aircraft type INOP
Bravo Size 7
Charlie Aircraft type INOP
Delta Aircraft type INOP
Echo Aircraft type INOP
Foxtrot Aircraft type INOP
Location Caucasus
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