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EU Training - Operation Honduras

EU Training - Operation Honduras

EU/UH Training Mission

Date: Thursday 14th
Time 1400EST/1900z/2000CET
RL requirement: RL2

Vietnam styled Training Mission

This Training Mission aims for RL2 Pilots to enhance their Flying, Navigation and Combat Skills.
The Caucaus Region in this Mission is supposed to simulate Vietnam Scenarios, thus even if the map reads otherwise
the Weather Conditions will be different with high Temperatures and High QNH to simulate the south East Asian Climate. This will become important specifically on the UH Tasks.

The Mission will be a blind Map Training also for UH, since AH and OH have their Navigation Assets, UH Pilots needs to use their common sense and Navigational skills. Routes need to be planned accordingly and Navigation must happen on spot to stay on track.

Event Properties

Event Date 01-14-2021 2:00 pm
Mission End Date 01-14-2021 5:00 pm
Capacity 15
Registered 9
Available place 6
Created By Daniel Schoenyan
Creator Memphis291
Expected Flight Hours 2.5
Time Zone Romeo
Alpha Group 1
Alpha Callsign outlaw
Alpha Aircraft type INOP
Alpha Size 5
Bravo Group 1
Bravo Callsign Rhino
Bravo Aircraft type INOP
Bravo Size 3
Charlie Group 1
Charlie Callsign Shadow
Charlie Aircraft type INOP
Charlie Size 3
Delta Group 1
Delta Callsign Reaper
Delta Aircraft type INOP
Delta Size 3
Echo Aircraft type INOP
Foxtrot Aircraft type INOP
Location Caucasus
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