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Cooperative missions for DCS rotorheads
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Application - Iridul / Nomad

Category: RECRUITMENT 6 weeks ago

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to those I've already bumped into on Discord, my details below:

Callsign - Nomad (Iridul on Discord)

Age - 37

Internet - >500 Mbps fibre

Timezone - UK

Availability - Variable but good (usually on DCS 3-4 nights a week and weekends are usually fine). Usually around from 7pm Zulu once the kids are asleep.

Hours - hundreds, (thousands?) I've been playing DCS for years, started with LOMAC back in the 00s. I own maybe 75% of the modules.

Mission Editor - I can do some basic single player non-scripted missions with basic AI logic/events - willing to learn more though

Preferred chopper - Mi24 (!) - KA50 does for now. (I also have the Mi8, UH1 and I'll be picking up the Gazelle in a few weeks when the next sale hits, I enjoyed it enough over the last free to fly events)

Expectations - I've spent the majority of my time on DCS flying in mutliplayer both FW and RW, but mostly 'solo'. I'm keen to get more involved with a group and engage in more coordinated activities and learn how to integrate as part of a broader team in the DCS environment. Having some fun whilst doing so of course.

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