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Application - Apollo

Category: RECRUITMENT 6 weeks ago

Call Sign - Apollo

Age - 26

Internet Connection - 70mbs

Timezone - Zulu

Availability - Evenings / weekends 

Flight Hours - I’ve been playing DCS actively for around two years and X-Plane 11 prior to that, I couldn’t estimate an accurate figure. 

Mission Editor - I have some experience in the mission editor, comfortable using scripting. 

Preferred Module - Mi8

Expectations - I’ve spent the majority of my time flying fixed wing aircraft with maybe around 30 hours in the mi8. I’m looking to learn how to effectively operate the airframe and learning off the experienced players of the squadron. Looking forward to flying here, thanks for having me. 

  • Re: Application - Apollo

    by » 6 weeks ago

    Thanks for the write up and welcome to the BSD Apollo!

    We have quite a few Mi-8 pilots here to help you along the way.

    If you haven't yet get on our Discord, make sure your web name matches Discord so we know who you are.

    Let's go over a few things before we get into flying with the group.

    >Make sure you have Discord set up and have a push to talk (PTT) ready to go.
    >You have DCS open beta installed.
    >You have your controls (cyclic, collective and rudder) properly set up prior to the flight.
    >If you have Simple radio installed make sure it is also set to PTT.
    >You are able to start the aircraft of your choice from a cold and dark state.
    >You can taxi, take off and maintain a given altitude, speed and heading

    With that all set up:
    Introduction flights are here for us to get to know you, introduce ourselves and the BSD group.
    It gives us an idea on how you fly and gives you a chance to see what we do and how we fly day to day and in our missions.
    The Introduction flight or (IF) also gives our Instructor pilots or (IP's) a good look at how you fly. And if any training is needed.

    To fly with the Black Shark Den, BSD or just the "Den" as we are called you will need to be able to start up, hover, fly a heading and at speed,altitude.
    Be able to control your aircraft in a formation with others without hitting them. Once you can show that we will move in deeper on the given airframe you are flying.

    A few things about the BSD, we are not a public server, we are not a flight training group, we do not do player versus player.
    We have our own servers that you can fly on at anytime once you are a member. An active war is going on 24/7 on server 1 and server 2 is for training and tactics.
    We will not tolerate any political or racial talk so keep it clean.

    You will start out as a trainee, RL3 you may progress up to RL1. We are looking for you to move from RL3 to RL2 in about 30 days. It can be done in a few hours of flight.
    We ask you to stay current and at least fly once a month. The more active you are in BSD the more flight time you get and the faster you move up. So it pays to be around for flights. It is up to the RL3 trainee to start the RL training, contact a Unit trainer (UT) or an Instructor pilot (IP) to get the RL training going.

    As a new member you will be assigned to a group, AH,UH or OH depending on what you fly. IP's and UT's will be there to help you out.

    If you are good to go on all of the above checks, let's get you an introduction flight and start your flight time with the BSD.

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