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Cooperative missions for DCS rotorheads
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Cooperative missions for DCS rotorheads
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Application - Lenny

Category: RECRUITMENT one month ago

Good afternoon.

Call Sign - Lenny (A bit dull)

Age - 42

Internet Connection - 70Mbs

Timezone - GMT

Availability - Most evenings and weekends.

Flight Hours - I have been on DCS since it started with most of my flight time spent on fixed wing.  Recently reinstalled so no accurate number.

Mission Editor - I have a basic understanding of mission making, i would need talking through scripts and triggers.

Preferred Module - UH-1 (I own the KA50 and Gazzelle also)

Expectaions - As stated most of my time with DCS has been spent on fixed wing aircraft, however i have always had the choppers turning and burning in the background.  I watched a video on you tube the other day of you guys doing multi crew in the Huey, i thought, now that shiz is cool.  I love the Multi-crew aircraft as it brings a new depth to DCS. I enjoy flying with like minded people who love the Sim. 

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