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Hi fellow air mans,

after 3 years of virtually self induced grounding I can't take it anymore longer. The reason why I left is or was no secret at all. Since the day I moved out from my parents house I traided a relatively top of the arts internet conection for one of the worst ones. Hell man I can sometimes even play Ping Bingo.  I saw pings from 23ms all the way up to 5000 ms... I guess I don't have to say anything more about this, do I? Anyway as I said before I have to get airborne again. Everyone of the past know me as an Gazelle lover. Hiding the Helo in even the tiniest clearings was a heck of a lot of fun. Furthermore I'm really missing doing some sheningangs stuff with Wolf and the others. Anyway the SA-342 was my favourite bird and still is until the pressent day. I love how nimble and agile this flying fly is. I also own the UH-1 however I prefer the Gazelle by a lot over the Huey.

I wish I could say my flight times are from X to Y however due to the fact that my internet issues are only parshly solved or should I rather say it's more or less in an experimental state, I'm unable to do so. On top of this comes my supper messed up inner clock. Heck, if I'd be put in a container an be flown all the way to California I highly doubt that I'd had an jet lag at all. Anyway my goal right now is to learn how to fly the Gazelle in a way I have her never flown before.

I hope that I'll be the best wingman which I can be at your side so that you'll be able to "take" all the glory be me calling you in for some neat BRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTT action ;-).

Last but not least I know this intro isn't as good or as funny as my intro from 3 or 4 years agoe but I guess it will have to do.

Always happy landings and if not you know the idiom.

"A landing where you can leave the plane is a good landing, A landing where you can use the airframe again is an exelent landing!"

On this regard we'll see us in the skies.

Dragoon signing off

PS.: BK if you wanna train to land your helo again inverterted just hit me up and we'll do some memorisable things again :D

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