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Application - Valk

Category: RECRUITMENT one month ago

Callsign: Valk

Age: 29

Internet Connection: Fiber 100mb/s up|down

Time zone: GMT+2 (I live in South-Africa so ping to eu servers is around 180 and to US is about 280 if that is of any consideration)

Availability: I am available to fly most of the week, sometimes I need to work late but not often.

Flight hours: I have a combined rotor flight time of about 500-800 hours(guesstimate), where most is in the KA50 (+- 250h). The gazelle has the least amount of hours. Total DCS time is around the 12 000h mark(I am addicted i know). 

 ME knowledge: I haven't spent a lot of time in the mission editor yet except for creating simple convoy attacks. I am willing to learn more to help the squadron create missions. forgot to mension I worked as a programmer so in free time I can maby help with scripting as needed. 

Preferred module: I love them all and I am flexible to fly them all as the squadron needs but preferred is definitely the KA50. The upcoming Hind gives me the same feeling I had when I first saw a playboy as a teen so I am hoping to get into the Mi-24 when It releases.

I want to join BSD because I want a group that I can regularly fly with, have some good times, share some rotor head passion and ultimately, enhance my skills in helicopters and apply them in missions in active roles. I love the idea of realistic missions that is as close to real life as can get and also have some less hardcore missions thrown in from time to time, getting training from people that know the birds inside and out is just the radar on the top(see what I did there?). About 2 years ago I flew with one of your members (can't remember the name) and he told me to come have a look but at that time I was still in the process of starting my business so I had almost no free time but that 2 hours I have flown with him was some of the best flying I have done ever. I hope to make it up the ranks of BSD and maby also help newer pilots. On a side note I do also fly fixed wings a lot but almost always single player. But the night needs to be capped off with some Uh-1 roof landing in Syria.

  • Re: Application - Valk

    by » one month ago

    Hello Valk. Thanks for this excellent intro.

    All our servers so far are based in the US so 280ms ping will be an issue when flying in formation. We'll see in your intro flight. Jump on our Discord server and call for an IP or UT to set up your intro flight.

    Looking forward to flying with you soon!

    Check out BSD website! BSD on FB BSD on TW BSD on PT BSD on YT

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    by » one month ago

    I have flown with a few guys from South-Africa, I think I remember you talking about starting your own business. It might have been me!

    Welcome to the Den Valk! Look forward to flying with you again!


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    by » one month ago

    YES BLACKWOLF!!! Now I remember, you tought me about the fence in and lingo like that. It was really fun! It took a while but finally joined. 

    PS. My name back then was JellyBelly I believe

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