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Cooperative missions for DCS rotorheads
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New application: Skinner

Category: RECRUITMENT one month ago

Callsign: Skinner

Age: 35

ISP: Cable, 350 mbps+

Time Zone: MST -7

Availability: Varies due to work schedule. I currently work one week of nights (1300-2400) and one week of days (0600-1300) and usually available on weekends.

Your knowledge level with the integrated DCS Mission Editor: Low to Medium. Was learning triggers before I stopped flying with the 159th GAR.

Your preferred chopper: Mi-8 Hip but enjoy flying the others so I can fly what's needed.  Excited to fly try the Hind on release.

DCS experience: Been playing the DCS genre of sims since LOMAC. Hours in the sim... I honestly couldn't imagine. Used to fly a lot of KA-50 and flew it as a member of the 159th GAR for awhile. Haven't flown it in a bit so I am a little rusty with some system work. Flown a lot in the other helos as well. 

My expectations: Fun but not super hardcore experience and flying with some ex-Squadmates of the 159th GAR.

Thank you for your consideration.

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