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Cooperative missions for DCS rotorheads
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Cooperative missions for DCS rotorheads
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Hello All,

Im Jay from Los Angeles. Former military in the Marine Corps. Work in the LE field as a Boat Operator, Motors, Diver, Firearms Instructor and Maritime Boat Instructor. I've had more takeoffs than landings in helos. Love DCS and its realism and complexity. I do love my Bourbons. Most often than not I do have a sipper  when flying DCS.

Call Sign - Whiskey

Age- 40

Internet- Charter 49 MBps

Time Zone - UTC -8 (PST)

Flight hours KA-50 8hrs (est 50), UH-1 Huey 8hrs (est 100), SA-342 4 (est 75), Mi-8 8hrs (est 100) (Lost Hours on old computer)

Mission Editor- Just the Basics 

Preferred AC - KA-50 Black Shark 

Expectations BSD - To run and simulate a realistic op within the constrains of DCs. Have a good time with like minded people and laughing at our mistakes. 

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    by » one month ago

    Welcome to BSD, Whiskey!

    Great to fly with you on your intro flight yesterday - glad you enjoyed it and got an insight into some of the team tactics & systems we employ.

    You are now promoted to Private with trainee status.

    You are assigned to the US company, AH platoon.

    You now have proper access to the forums and the BSD library.
    Our welcome guide is HERE
    Brevity is HERE
    Our mods that you will need are HERE
    Tutorial for the mods is HERE

    For quicker access to our missions until you can read the SOP, here is a quick reference handbook.

    Your training file has been built to make sure you log your flight time every time you fly with a BSD member. Use commas, not decimals. A flight in your logbook is 2,5 not 2.5. Also, check out the 1000 task's on the menu. HERE  

    We will start your RL training right away, feel free to join any Training mission you can.

    That's what you will work on first. When you are ready to get checked off on a decent group of them, ask for an IP to fly with you and verify.

    Your hours (defined as time flying a helicopter with one or more BSD pilots) are logged on the website under Pilots/Pilot logbook / military file, and the Platoon you pick, UH,OH or AH.

    Welcome to the group, I look forward to flying with you soon again.

    Remember our servers are 24/7 and you may use them anytime you wish. Missions can be started through the F10 menu, and are grouped by airfield/takeoff

    You may fly on server #2 anytime.  RL3 flights on server 1 are permitted only with an IP or UT working with you specifically.  All the more reason to get your RL2 quickly!


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