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New applicaton: Speckfire

Category: RECRUITMENT 3 months ago

Callsign: Speckfire

Age: 50+ 

ISP: Cable, ~120mbps

Time Zone: Eastern UTC -5

Availability: Usually after 6PM EST weekdays 23:00 Zulu

DCS experience:

I have flown the Ka-50 since BS1, the UH-1 and the Mi-8 since they came out. Same thing with the Gazelle, day 1 purchase.
I have gone further in depth with the Mi-8 for some odd reason, I guess I am a Hind-oholic ;)
I have used the mission editor and I am comfortable with it to a certain extent.
I also have done a few skins for DCS and my previous squad, the 159th GAR.

My expectations: A squad experience, dedicated people who enjoy helo simming. Team play, having fun and meeting up with my ex-squaddies who happen to be in BS.

  • Re: New applicaton: Speckfire

    by » 3 months ago

    Hey hey! Glad to see you here :)

  • Re: New applicaton: Speckfire

    by » 3 months ago

    Hello Speckfire and thanks for this intro.

    I understand you and solex are already flying together so I suppose he told you most of the process for BSD. Jump in our Discord server and give us a shout for an intro flight. Intro flights are an informal way to meet and greet and also evaluate how quickly we will get you to a level that will allow you to join our combat missions. It is not a fail/pass test. If you are comfortable with the chopper you choose (you will need to select a role, in your case I assume UH with the Mi-8), getting your RL2 (level required for combat missions) is most of the time a matter of checking off tasks in 2 to 3 flights. If you can barely hold a hover of course, it might take a bit longer. But it really depends on how often you can fly. There is a minimum attendance for the squad that is one flight a month which I believe is very low compared to most of the squadrons I know.

    Once your intro done, assuming you liked what you saw, you will be joining as Trainee and we will start your training.

    See you soon online.

    Check out BSD website! BSD on FB BSD on TW BSD on PT BSD on YT

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