• Callsign: Havoc65
  • Age: 57
  • Internet connection: Fiber, 15mbps down, 2.8 up
  • Time zone:Zulu UK Time Zone
  • Availability: work 3 week shift pattern, earlys 06:00am>13:30pm, Afternoons 13:30pm>21:00pm, Nights 21:00pm>04:30am. When im not working or sleep im flying, my wife see more of the back of my head than the front .­čśćweekends and week days  
  • Hours in DCS: started on the orginal blackshark game wayyy back !  on this account i have logged
  • KA-50 = 45h,
  • Mi-24p = 4h,
  • Mi 8MTV2=14h,
  • SA342M=2h,
  • UH-1H-20h
  • Mission Editor knowledge: Tryed doing my own startup for the KA-50, Triggers,Flags,basic to medium i would say .. 
  • Preferred helicopter: The Ka-50 but i do love the Sa342 and the Mi24p, aarrrghhhh Dont make me pick i love them all..
  • Expectations w.r.t BSD:To be part of a team that helps and takes the time to teach about the same interest as i have flying Helos ..Pilotage,Navigatioin,Communication(Brevity), You dont get to talk alot when you in single player!, Multiplay Complete new to me on DCS,Battle tactics , Working in a flight.
  •  Meet some guys with the same interest low and slow..
  • Re: Havoc65 Hello Guys

    by » 5 weeks ago

    Thanks for this intro Havoc65 (I need to bne careful here since there is just another Havoc who registered before you). Jump in our Discord channel and let's get your Intro Flight done!

    See you soon!

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