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Hi all!

Let me introduce myself 😎

Call sign: Havok

Age: 31

Type of internet connection and speed: fibre connection, approx. 200 Mbps

timezone: GMT+2

Availability during the week and or weekends: Generally on Monday, Thursday and Friday evening

Approximate number of flight hours already spent on DCS: I don't know :) Many hours on fixed-wing, on helicopters (ka-50) about 50 hours 

Knowledge level with the integrated DCS Mission Editor: very low

Preferred chopper (you can love them all!): Ka-50 and Apache

Expectations w.r.t BSD: have fun!!! :D (and be better on choppers flight)

Hope to flight with you soon! :)

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    Welcome  HAVOK

    You are now promoted to Private with trainee status, as an RL3.

    Well done on a solid intro flight for the EU AH Platoon. It was good flying with you. 

    You will now have access to the forum’s pilots mess and the BSD library.

    Our welcome guide is available in the BSD library/BSD Documents,

    BSD SOP is also available in the BSD library/BSD Documents,

    Brevity is available HERE,

    Our mods that you will need are available in BSD library/BSD Mods,

    Tutorial for the mods HERE

    Simple radio is required. You can find that HERE

    For quicker access to our missions until you can read the SOP, you can find a Quick Reference Handbook (QRH) in the BSD library/BSD Documents

    Your training file has been built make sure you log your flight time every time you fly with a BSD member. Use commas not decimals. A flight in your log book is 2,5 not 2.5. Also check out the 1000 task's in the menu. HERE

    That's what you will work on first. When you are ready to get checked off on a decent group of them, ask for an IP to fly with you and verify.

    Your hours (defined as time flying a helicopter with one or more BSD pilots) are logged on the website under Pilots/Pilot logbook / military file, and the Platoon you pick, UH,OH or AH respectively.

    You are authorized to fly on server #2 anytime you want, and may join any training mission regardless of US/EU. 

    Keep the spinning thing on top!

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    Thank you Solex, it was a peasure to fligt with you! :D

    I'll read all documents soon! 


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