Cooperative missions for DCS rotorheads
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Cooperative missions for DCS rotorheads
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Cooperative missions for DCS rotorheads
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Application - Iridul / Nomad

Application - Apollo

New application: Skinner

Application - Lenny

New Application - Jetstar
Application - Iridul / Nomad

Application - Apollo

Application - Lenny

New Application - Hannibal

New Application - Jetstar

Application - Valk
Application - Iridul / Nomad

Application - Apollo

New application: Skinner

Application - Lenny

New Application - Jetstar

Application for Molevitch

Looks like I'm up first...

FNG soon. Hello

New Application

Bob's Application


New Ka-50 cockpit and DCS choppers bundle sales

A very rare video from ED where choppers are actually the main theme. A change for their last 2020 video where our favorite aircraft were featured less than 10 seconds. In celebration of the new Ka-50 cockpit that should be available this week (Feb 20th or Feb 21st), ED is offering a very nice 65% discount of DCS chopper modules bundle.

New Screenshot for the Ka-50 cockpit update

ED publishes its 2020 and beyond video

And the least we can say, it that once again the rotorheads community didn't make it in terms of show time: 7 seconds for a 3 minutes video! It is even stranger that 2020 is supposed to finally be a good year for rotaries with the BlackShark 3, Mi-24 and OH-58D. And yet, it seems like ED's marketing is not too keen with those whirlybirds. For you just interested in them, here is an exec summary of the video (no sound) with only the scenes of interest. Try not to blink.

RL2 Training weekend

We caught up the last missing training Tuesday this week with a Saturday night session for our RL2 progressions. Good fun.

Update OpenBeta: Dedicated server!

Not as big a revolution as we were hoping but definitively a big step forward. ED finally released today a dedicated server functionality for DCS. You still need to have a full install with the DLC maps installed (and purchased) but at least there is now an official way to turn off 3D render and you'll get some of the SLMOD functions through an official Web GUI that can be accessed remotely. BSD Dedicated server  1 and 2 are updated and running with those new GUI. Overall, a large improvement wrt memory and CPU cycle usage. The whole server is loading and running a lot faster.

BSD Mi-8 Training

A good turn out at our last training session for the Mi-8.


3rd year anniversary for BSD!

3 years dedicated to DCS helicopters! Thanks to all of our pilots, Leaders and High Command who are flying, leading, teaching and making BSD great for the rotorheads!

BSD 2018 and beyond video

We had way too much fun shooting this video and we ended up with a lot of extra footage that we couldn't put into the initial release. So we decided to make an extended version.

Miltech 5 posts new 3D rendering of the BO-105

It's always a good news when a company shows progress on a module but still, we were hoping to see a little bit more than another round of 3D renderings with maybe some official in-game video. Still not for today.

Sunsets in 2.5

Our last training session had us fly until dawn. What incredible sunsets now in DCS 2.5 !

BSD SOP Test is online

For those who are not actively following the discussions on BSD Discord server, Eagle_Rising created a set of questions in order to test our knowledge of the recently updated BSD SOP. Feel familiar enough with this document? Well, then it's time to take the test! You can also find it under the training menu. Passing the test is a prerequisite for progressing to a readiness level 1 if you are already RL2! Pass your test and download your BSD certificate!

Maritime mission #2

The weather was really bad but we managed to find this sub and drop our expert! What a better way to replay this famous scene in the hunt for Red October! Thanks Fargo! Great mission and full deck again! More screens in the debrief section.

Maritime mission #2

The weather was really bad but we managed to find this sub and drop our expert! What a better way to replay this famous scene in the hunt for Red October! Thanks Fargo! Great mission and full deck again! More screens in the debrief section.

Happy Anniversary BSD! 2 yearsOn February 13th 2016, the first article on the BSD website front page was published to announced that we were officially opened for registrations. Thanks to you, BSD pilots, we built over these 2 years a real nice community sharing the same passion for rotary wings and Digital Combat Simulator. We were able to set up and work on numerous improvements that I am very proud of: Training, SOP, ranking system and progression ladder, social networking and a Discord server lately that really boosted our communication. For 2018, our objectives are to welcome more pilots, train a couple of instructors to help the existing ones, bring pilots to readiness level 1, have more missions builders and finish the SOP. Hopefully, we should see new helicopter modules coming up on DCS and the Strait of Hormuz DLC map. This will create more opportunities for exciting training and combat missions. Again, thank you all for your involvement in this great community.


Full Deck!

Our last maritime SAR mission was a success, thanks to Fargo's talent. Our men were rescued in no time despite the inclement weather and brought back to safety.

DCS World Helicopter Sale

Guys, if you are still missing some of the helicopter DCS modules, now is a good time. All choppers modules 30% off until Feb 19th.

DCS World Helicopter Sale

Guys, if you are still missing some of the helicopter DCS modules, now is a good time. All choppers modules 30% off until Feb 19th.

First BSD MP flight on DCS 2.5

It was a special moment for BSD last night to gather and enjoy a discovery flight above the new gorgeous Caucasus Map version 2.5. Nothing to shoot, just the constant amazement of flying a 3 segments / 100 Nm navigation along the shores and through the valleys and mountains populated by millions of trees, much improved elevation mesh and the amazing light effects. Some once familiar areas were hardly recognizable now, like the beautiful lake Ritsa where we made a quick stop over to refuel the gazelles. We finished this awesome flight on the deck of the Tarawa with dozens of amazing places to fly to again and use for our next combat missions. In any case, check out all the screenshots taken during our last flight here.

The final on the cruising Tarawa was a great addition to this adventure.

Normandy 1944 map coming

Seriously, I don't care if this map is supposed to take place in 1944. I can tell you that in 2017, Normandy looks exactly the same than 70 years ago (maybe a few higher buildings in large cities, but country side is the same). So this is going to be a totally new awesome 1980's European theater map for our 80's choppers. With the new trees system, ambushing the enemy, hiding behind tree line is going to take a whole new meaning!

Belsimtek Mi-8 news nb 34

After the "camera shake" feature (that I have yet to find in the Mi-8 options), BST is announcing a new feature for their star helicopter DCS module: the "voice-over crew reading checklists". Basically you can/will have your crew reading out loud the start-up, before take off and before landing checklists. And you will get 5 seconds to comply to each check point.

Blacksharkden is 1 year old!















We almost forgot that on the 13th of February 2016, BlackSharkDen website went officially on-line. 1 year old already!
Nearly 50 members, more than 50 coop missions flown and a good core of regular rotorheads shaping pretty effectively this group into an effective and realistic operating squadron. BSD future is looking good!

DCS Bell-47 Spotted?

Spotted by our members LazzySeal and Cyrano, a DCS Bell-47 created by the famous modder Upuaut. Certainly a fun helicopter to learn the basics. ETA unknown. Only teasers so far.

 A very original video too.

DCS 1.5.6 Released

DCS Released version 1.5.6 is now available. Get your DCS updater up and running! And let's hope for the best for our scripts and missions... Sadly, nothing for the Gazelle again. But check out the news for the Mi-8 at the end of this article.

The part of the changelog that matters to us (English not corrected so some points are kinda hard to understand):

DCS World

  • Added cargo name in status bar.
  • Helicopters. When track replays, helicopter "rudder trimmer" local settings will not apply. Only track settings will work.
  • Script Crash player with querying groups of Mi-8 and UH-1H will not bring crash.
  • FARP and cargo objects will be able to selecting and then viewed via the F10 map.
  • Ground units life in the trigger condition will correspond to lifebar indication.
  • Marker smoke of cargo unload zone will work at 2 km distance and closer.
  • Multiplayer. Server port can be reassigned in Multiplayer GUI.
  • VR. Tool tip box size corrected.
  • VR: Training mission helper cursor and highlight box will be visible.
  • Mission generator. Fixed error that appears with generating mission for some aircraft.
  • Fixed GUI error when using 'Nav. targets points' in ME.
  • Fixed GUI error when tried to change object type for object that already used in advanced task
  • Custom cockpit liveries now can be placed in C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Saved Games\DCS\Liveries folder (for example liveries for F-86 cockpit can be placed here: "C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\Cockpit_F-86F Sabre").
  • Mouse cursor will disappear when idle
  • Mission generator. Mission generator will create radio presets section in mission file.
  • Training missions. Local player callsign will be correct
  • MQ-9 Reaper. Camo liveries corrected
  • Unit.getRadar() function now will return ‘true’ for tracking radars part of SAM complex.
  • Chinese speech support added
  • TOW Bradley M2 launch interval decreased to 2 sec
  • SAM Avenger too small launch interval in some cases corrected
  • SAM Stinger (Igla) launch event now appears in briefing
  • Ground unit weapons name in briefing corrected
  • ATGM launch delay when units belong the same group removed
  • Ground unit now continues deploy process after AI switching OFF and ON
  • Ground Search Radar becomes inactive (but remains rotates) when get 50% damage.
  • Added updated Kilo class submarine
  • AI SAMs will not shooting to dead aircraf
  • Fixed bug that caused to AI wingmen not starting up in some missions
  • Fixed stuttering on loading new terrain area
  • Corrected cockpit shadows
  • Sweden was added to blue coalition by default.
  • Trigger zone can be set to 5 meters radius now, instead 100 meters minimum earlier.
  • MP. Corrupted F10 map after Changing mission function restored.


  • Medvedev 2 Campaign. Chinese localization added.
  • Ka-50 cockpit sounds updated.


  • Damaged pitot system can be repaired.
  • Player will not be able to interact with cockpit after all crew members are dead.


Belsimtek News N°33 

Published on the forum, on the 8th of Feburary by AlexandrT:

"It is impossible to imagine a helicopter, including "magnificent eight" MI-8MTV, without vibrations. The helicopter has several hundred different variations of individual parts and the whole helicopter, as there are a number of sources of actuating forces, which include the main rotor system, anti-torque rotor, engine unit, gear assembly and transmission, engine cooling system, and so on. D. Vibratory loads are transmitted to all helicopter units.
BELSIMTEK is constantly working on quality improvement of the model of the "magnificent eight". In this regard, the company's specialists developed a simulation function of the helicopter vibrations. The for everyone. The perception of the flight will be more realistic, and the immersion more complete. simulator will allow users to configure the vibration so the level of vibration of the helicopter is acceptable.To connect and configure this feature, you need to go to the "special" setup of MI-8 MTV, and customize "camera shake COCKPIT.""




Philo header

Introduction and objectives

Blacksharkden is located on the East coast of North America and as such, is operating weekday's evenings and weekend based on EST (UTC-5:00) standard time. The language that we are using is mostly English. It is born after a long and painful research of virtual squadrons in North America that are not flying a fixed wing aircraft in general (and more specifically not flying the A-10C module!).

This site was created in order to offer a meeting point to a very rare breed of virtual pilots in this part of the World (and as such, will probably remain small):

  • they are enjoying the most complex and demanding publicly available piece of flight simulation software in existence: Digital Combat Simulator (DCS),
  • they are flying almost exclusively the helicopters modules available in DCS,
  • they are looking for an even more immersive, realistic and complex combat mission environment,
  • they are seeking a cooperative multiplayer experience rather than pure PvP (player vs player)
  • they are available once or twice a week at a time compatible with a normal working day on the East coast.
  • they are over 18 years old and seeking respectful adult environment, serious during the flights, less on the ground.


Why Digital Combat Simulator?

Digital Combat Simulator World (DCS World) is a digital battlefield game, focusing on simulation of military aircraft. DCS World includes a vast mission area of the Caucasus region that encompasses much of Georgia and a large part of the Nevada (US) state. It is a modular software allowing the addition of different modules depicting in a very realistic way a given aircraft. All the different aircraft available can operate in the same battlefield in a multiplayer environment. It is primarily designed for "hardcore" military simulator enthusiasts and is also known as a 'study sim, meaning that it is mandatory to go through the massive documentation of each aircraft available (specifically the modules labeled with the PFM or Professional Flight Model) before being even capable of enjoying the sound of a turbine or jet engine (not to mention being able to take off or fire a weapon with it). Even for virtual pilots with hundreds of flight hours on Flight Simulator or Lockheed's P3D software, it is a massive step up. And if you think you can handle a helicopter in DCS thanks to your huge experience in Arma III or Battlefield 4, well, you are in for a pretty rough disillusion and it is likely that you are not quite close to join this group.

In addition, DCS World is offering a very powerful mission editor, allowing users to fly unlimited customized missions in a rather solid multiplayer environment. This software has been available and evolving regularly for at least a decade and the community is extremely active. There is a nice constellation of modifications and 3rd party softwares to increase the realism and enjoyment of this community around the World. 

Why only helicopters?

Well, because it is generally admitted that "helicopters suck". To quote a famous DCS community member (Chuck):

" Choppers are slow, blocky, noisy, sluggish…Who would want to be a glorified taxi driver when you could be Maverick and save the World at Mach1.5? Well, you should! Why? Simply because helicopter pilots have one of the most dangerous jobs in the World. You have to be one hell of a pilot to fly one of those. Or batshit insane. Or a bit of both. Flying a helicopter is challenging, and one of the most rewarding experiences I ever had in a flightsim. Flying helicopters is difficult, much more difficult than flying an airplane. Helicopters are marvellous and totally insane creations. They seem unnatural, intricate and many pilots who come from the jet or prop plane world have difficulties to learn to fly helicopters since it requires a different way of thinking."

 In addition:

  • Simulating an helicopter is an order of magnitude more complex than simulating a fixed wing aircraft, that's why there is a very restricted number of gaming software that can pretend to "realistically" simulate a chopper. I believe that even the famous Flight Simulator or P3D does not qualify for it for most of the helicopters you can fly in. As a result, helicopter simulation does not have a very good reputation in the simulation community.
  • Although it is possible to fly common operations in DCS World with fixed wing aircraft and helicopters, the flight domains both worlds are flying into are SO different, that the only time those two types of aircraft will interact will be on the airport during takeoff or landing. This is specially true between choppers and jet fighters. So there is little sense to mix them in an 'everyday' type cooperative mission, although it is not excluded to have some A-10C or Su-25 pilots to join from time to time.
  • In some cases, the "Combined Armed" module as well as the "LotATC" one will be used during missions to improve the ground operations realism and JTAC coordination.


Why is this site called like this. What type of choppers are you flying here?

This site is called after the first helicopter module released in DCS World (well, at the time, it wasn't called DCS World but anyway) in 2008: Black Shark, a simulator of the Russian Kamov 50. It was the first module labeled 'PFM' for Professional Flight Model and it took me weeks, if not a month, to be able to start it up manually and not crashing it after a few seconds in the air. I was so frustrated that I really first thought this piece of software was totally bugged.

 But a few years later, DCS World opened to other 3rd parties and new helicopters are now available in addition to the Kamov 50:

  • the Belsimtek Mil Mi-8
  • the Belsimtek Bell UH-1 Huey
  • the Polychop SA342 Gazelle (2016)
  • the Polychop BO-105 (2017) 

All these helicopters are great to fly together in a combat mission (except maybe the UH-1 which is a bit slower than all the other ones).


OK, so what else this site is offering?

Beside being able to meet regularly DCS choppers pilots who shares the same interest and flying multiplayer coop missions in a realistic (but friendly) environment, the site is offering an advanced mission organization tool, an exhaustive library with tons of hard to find documentation on your favorite platform and operational procedures and tactics used in the real world, a forum of course to exchange with fellow pilots, a TeamSpeak 3 dedicated server for radio communications during missions, a training center with structured classes to improve your level of competence, a ranking system and a solid expertise to support you passion for this simulator.


I am interested. What do I need to do?

If you made it until here, you are certainly interested!

Please first register on this site. Then you'll be able to sign up in the forum. Go to the Recruiting Office and carefully read the enrollment conditions in the first post. If you think you are a match, post your application with the information required in the first post. If accepted, you'll get to fly with a member of the high command for an evaluation of your capabilities. If everything goes well (it usually does at this stage), you will be offered the position of trainee within this group. This will grant you access to the documentation, missions, training classes, Teamspeak server,... Your trainee status will be used during an 'observation' period where your participation and motivation will be, well,... observed. After this transition period, if you also think this group matches your expectations, you will be granted with the pilot qualification and the rank of junior lieutenant. Welcome to Blackshark's den!



Hello DCS Rotorheads,

OK, so the website is more or less operational. I guess it will take some more time to tweak it and make it fully functional but, so far, it should allow us to kick off some flights together. Check out the 'About BSD' section to get a grip on the purpose of this group and figure out if this match what you are looking for. Then register and post your application in the 'Recruiting Office' part of the forum.

Looking forward to fly slow and low with you !